2022 Dancers

Anna Ehret

Anna Ehret was born and raised in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, as a coal miner’s daughter.  She loved her small town community and stayed very busy participating in many activities as a child, including ballet and cheer.  

It was a four-year academic scholarship that lured Anna to Louisville.  She knew from a young age that she wanted to be a doctor, a pediatrician, in fact, so she took her studies seriously in college and earned a B.A. in biology.  While she was there, she was recruited to join the inaugural rowing team at UofL.  Her team of novices endured many trials that season, but performed very well, finishing first in most races in which they participated.  

Fortunately, Anna secured a spot at the University of Louisville School of Medicine.  Her class made history as the first one to have more females than males.  After meeting the guys in her class, she figured she would likely be single for another four years, since none of the gentlemen seemed like they would be her future husband and she knew how rigorous the schedule and studying would be.  What she didn’t know was that when she would show up at her study partner’s house that the brother would answer the door and later would become her husband!  Anna and Bryan were married during her third year of medical school.  

After medical school, Anna became the first resident in the Child Neurology Residency program at UofL.  During the five year program, she and her husband, Bryan, welcomed their first-born, a son, named Dylan.  

After graduating from the residency program, Anna decided to stay in Louisville to work as a child neurologist, there were only about 10 in the entire state, at that time.  Shortly thereafter, she gave birth to her daughter, Addison.  

Anna recognizes that it was God who created her, who gave her the breath of life, who has been with her throughout every high and every low in her life and who has blessed her more than she could have ever imagined.  She officially gave her life to Jesus when she was 12.  She was highly active in FCA in high school, Campus Crusade for Christ in college and in her church since that time.  She has done some mission work, volunteered in the children’s ministry and at special events and helped in leading women’s Bible Studies.  

Although she insists that she is not a celebrity, Anna is confident that she has been given the opportunity to participate with Let’s Dance Louisville for a reason.  

2021 was an extremely difficult year for Anna as she experienced a car accident, a serious medical diagnosis, a major surgery with a grueling recovery and the loss of her dad.  During these trying times, her community rallied around her and her family blessing them with meals, rides, prayers,  child care, gifts, flowers, cards, words of encouragement, quality visits, house cleaning, massages, yard mowings and more.  

When she was asked to join Let’s Dance Louisville, she was ecstatic about the opportunity to give back to her community that has given so much to her, and it was even better that it centered around dancing, which she loves!  

As we are encouraging ourselves and others to be generous to the less fortunate,
Anna would like to dedicate her dance to her father who was one of the most generous men that she had ever known.