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de de Cox

de de began pursuing her dream of becoming a romance author at the age of 30.  Born and raised on the farm in Rooster Run, Kentucky, de de was raised on the core values of the 3Cs (kindness, caring, and compassion).  Throughout her young adulthood, de de volunteered in the community with her family, and specifically, her grandmother, Bea.  Growing up in the country, romance novels were her escape to another world.  de de knew that one day, her dream of writing a romance novel would come true.  Fast forward to 2018, when de de picked the book back up that she had begun in her early 30s.  As in life, circumstances and direction change the course, BUT never the ending goal.  Learning the industry and working with her publisher, Beyond Global Publishing, God opened many doors and many connections, and de de has never looked back.

de de became a published Kentucky romance author in 2018.  She is the #1 best-selling Kentucky romance author of the Two Degrees Series, which features her son, Bo, as the male model.  Little did de de know that her child would become the next FabiBo.

de de has now completed eight (8) romance books and the ninth one is ready to debut. Mr. Mistletoe – When a Kiss is NEVER Enough debuts October 1, 2022 (just in time for the Christmas holidays).  She was blessed to received amazon Bestseller ranking for the latest book – Midnight Moon.

de de has served as a board member of The Dream Factory of Louisville, KY, Opal’s Dream Foundation, Spalding University – Athletic Board, as well as volunteered with other charitable entities.  de de received the coveted 2018 Spirit of Louisville Foundation - WLKY Bell Award for her volunteerism within her community and now serves on the board as trustee. de de is active within the pageant industry.  She is the co-director of the Miss Hillview, Miss Buttermilk, Miss Bullitt Blast Festival and Miss Rolling Fork Iron Horse Festival prelims (Kentucky State Festival).

de de is employed as a medical malpractice paralegal with the elite law firm of Dolt, Thompson, Shepherd & Conway, PSC.

FAMILY (family always mean I love you) and this is true in de de’s life.  So many kind-hearted folk have traveled the journey.  She has been married over 35 years to her best friend, Scott, from high school.  She has two sons and two rescued fur babies.

de de encourages others to live by HIS word – Acts 20:35.