2024 Dancers

Morgan Hancock

Morgan Hancock is a commercial real estate agent, entrepreneur, US Army veteran, mother of two, and a passionate advocate for the arts. She serves as the Founder and Director of Bourbon with HeART, the world's first and only bourbon art charity. 

Growing up as an only child in a small town, Morgan spent much of her time reading, writing, and creating. With an overactive imagination and natural talent, art became an early passion. Taking an atypical path to her current success, Morgan has never let her context stand in the way of her ambition. She believes that art, like life, is only limited by your imagination, and it's up to you to create your own world. 

Morgan is honored to be a contestant in the 2024 Let's Dance Louisville Competition and is excited to use this platform to raise funds for Feed My Neighbor. 

"Growing up, I watched my grandmother serve so many people through her soup kitchen," Morgan shares. "So, I've seen firsthand the power of sharing a warm meal with the hungry and the homeless. Through this opportunity, I will use my time, talents, and network to help support our God-given calling to feed the hungry.