2024 Dancers

Shon "China" Lacy


 Shon “China” Lacy, was born July 1, 1976 in the west end of Louisville KY. His love for music started at the age of 6, when he was temporarily separated from his mother. Shon’s mother instilled the love for all kinds of music, which gives him a well-rounded insight, not just for (Rap, R&B) but for all genres. The best way to describe Shon’s voice is (Smooth, Gritty, Southern Draw). With his Hip-Hop influences, Shon’s style is relevant to today’s musical movement. “China” is the alter ego, the other half of Shon’s creative process. China embodies the pain, and struggle that Shon has went through. Acting is something that fell into Shon’s lap at the age of 19, he got a job teaching at a non-profit program that focused on the youth performing arts, “Pneuma.” There at the performing arts program, Shon developed has acting ability. Consisting of music, and plays it was mandatory to do 40 stage productions a year/plus. With 9 years of acting under Shon’s belt, along with singing, and song writing; Shon “CHINA” Lacy has a promising future in various different aspects in the entertainment business.

In 2015 a Nationally/ Local comedian would ask Shon to take part in a prank that would be considered the best decision of his life. The prank got worldwide recognition and got the attention of America’s Got Talent. From that show Shon was able to gain Global Success and continue doing what he loves by making appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live along with Superstar Actress Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian. Additional appearances include the red carpet at Radio Music Hall in New York City, performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City, opening acts for Jay Leno, Fantasia, 3 Doors Down, Thomson Square, Air Force Base Tour, opening act for Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds etc. Television appearances on NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, ESPN Sports, Entertainment Tonight!

The door to achieve all these accomplishments did not open for Shon until he was 39.

You’re never too old to dream.